The Organizational Strategist

About this Blog

Intended audience

  This blog is meant for leaders, consultants, project leads, change agents, managers, positive deviants, and anyone else that might instigate, inspire, inform or influence change in an organization. I believe that anyone can be a strategist in their own way, in their own organization, and in their own efforts. Everyone can be a strategist if they choose to be one. The size and scope of the strategy that each person shapes will vary of course.

  I expect that the easiest fit for a reader of this blog would be an open minded person in a large organization. Smaller organizations may have to improvise more to make these topics fit their exact circumstances. On the other hand, the large organizations would need a more concerted effort along the lines of strategy to help ensure that all of the resources and capabilities are properly aligned. These topics could benefit both for profit or not for profit organizations as well as a given member of an organization.

Intended outcomes

  Below is what I seek to create through this blog. I wish to:

– Present articles on business, technology, and organizational development topics

– Be a helpful source of information for readers

– Provide a place to share ideas, network and exchange information

Involvement with this blog

  Are you wondering how you can get involved with this blog? I encourage you to:

– Subscribe and read the articles

– Comment on the articles with your reactions, ideas, questions, and thoughts

– Share the site to increase the readership, participation, and overall networked value


  Check out the Organizational Strategist Overview page to help navigate this blog. It will be periodically updated as articles are written and published. Please feel free to get in touch with me to suggest topics, applications, scenarios or other aspects. I would welcome such input.


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